This site uses CSS and layers and is best viewed at 1024 x 768 or higher using IE 6.0 up or Mozilla Firefox. Impartial to minor ships, beware. Mutli-fandom art site: House, CSI, Miami and NY and Grey's Anatomy. Enigma displays the digital artwork of little Cara, me. I do not intend to infringe any rights and so, I hope that you don't want to do that either. Take anything you wish just please credit properly and don't use it for bad stuff, esp. the manipulations that I do (very rarely). BETA

covers all the tutorials and my ever-dependable list of fandom mediaholics. They are the key to the survival of a fanartist - pictures, caps, textures, brushes, light gradients, tutorials, videos and all that jazz. Guestbook. Sign it, I say hi. Ask a question, I'll do my best to answer. Artbox is the juicy part; You'll see links for the different shows and then just click on the thumbnails. Fairly easy stuff. The Collective, C:Minor is a webpage I've put up to double as my portfolio, listing of all the sites I do plus some work I dabble in that's online and ready to view. This is Home. This is where you find updates and little stories about my life or the pieces I've done. Mostly, this is where you hear me apologize for not updating; because, if it matters, I am a student. I am a 19-y/o Filipino Thomasian Nursing Student.

05.08.06 | RECENT PWNAGE! 
Welcome.. back! Gawd, such a long hiatus. The brand new layout features Lisa Edelstein of Fox's House, M.D.  I know I used to do just CSI Vegas art but it's been three years and I've been watching all the CSI spin-offs plus House and Grey's Anatomy. I'm an addict, like that. So, I'm guessing, Enigma will now become a full-blown multi-fandom art site with a dash of other art stuff once in a while like tutorials and resources. I have my good days, and on those days, I usually give away a lot of stuff. Thank you for waiting patiently and for checking up on this site even if it went dead. Erin, my host, thank you. 

House Icon Set 1 House Icon Set 2 Miami - E/C: Bliss Miami - E/C: Like I've Never Seen The Sky Before Miami - E/C Manipulation : Movie in my Mind
NY - M/S: Closer to Fine O/T- Pentool Escape: Lanterns & Lavender O/T- Pentool Escape: Flowers on the Minor O/T- LOTR manipulation: Arwen & Aragorn  

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