Platypus 66: Surfing the Net

Catherine wandered around the lab building. She couldn't believe that she was bored---but, she was. Normally, she had reports to fill, evidence to inspect, and cases to build---but, that shift, she didn't have any of that to do. She would have gone for a run---but, it was raining.

Normally, she would have tried to lure Gil into his office for a few minutes of enjoyable distraction. However, since Catherine had slipped out in the early morning after too much tequila and rough sex, she hadn't felt much like facing him in private. In a private situation, he could ask her what she had been thinking, how was she doing, and so on; she wasn't sure she wanted to answer those questions in front of him. She only allowed herself to be with him when there were others in the room---and she knew Gil had figured her actions out, so she wondered if he was avoiding her, too.

After a few minutes, she found herself heading towards the fingerprint lab. She saw Jacqui sitting at her desk, holding what looked like her Blackberry. The brunette was smiling slightly as she typed something into the device; when she saw Catherine come into the room, her smile faltered for a split second and then she set her PDA down onto the desk.

"Hey, Catherine," she said casually, "you need something?"

Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No," she replied, "I'm just walking around."

"Slow night?"

"God, yeah," she agreed. She chuckled softly and ran a hand through her hair. "I'm a little out of sorts with nothing to do," she added. She heard the Blackberry beep and nodded her head towards it. "What are you up to?"

"Chatting," Jacqui said as she picked the device up. She saw the message and blushed, before quickly typing a reply.

Catherine arched an eyebrow. "Special friend?"

Jacqui grinned. "He's pretty special," she admitted.

"Where did you find this guy?" Catherine asked.

"One of those adult chat sites," Jacqui conceded in a quiet tone of voice. "He's fun to talk with... especially on slow nights."

Catherine smiled. "I can imagine."

"Are you seeing anyone?" the lab technician asked.

After a shake of her head, Catherine said, "No... not really. Why? Your special friend has a friend?"

Jacqui laughed. "No... but, I've met a couple of boyfriends this way. Only one of them was kind of weird. It's a good way to get to know someone, without going to a bar or anything."

"But, isn't that supposed to be part of the fun?" Catherine asked.

"And when do we have time to go to bars and have that part of the fun?" the other woman inquired.

Catherine laughed. "Okay. True. Good point."

Jacqui smiled at the strawberry blonde. "You should try it sometime," she suggested. "You never know what could happen," she pointed out.

With another laugh, Catherine shrugged. "You have a point," she admitted.


Gil heard the beep on his computer as he walked into his office, mug of freshly brewed coffee between his hands. He looked at the machine with curiosity in his eyes as he approached the desk. After setting his coffee down, he sat in his chair and turned towards his computer; a couple of clicks on his keypad later, and he found that someone else registered to the same site had sent him a private message.

He had registered to the site when he told Catherine that he needed some time away from her; he had had the intention of attempting to meet someone, more on the basis of intellectual chemistry than of physical appearance, but when they decided to get back together, in their own way, Gil had almost forgotten about signing up for an account with the site.

VEGASLADY (21:15:35): Hi, QUIETOBSERVER51. I saw your profile on the site and thought I'd send you a message. I'm a 40 year old woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Used to be in the entertainment industry before switching into public service---weird, I know. I don't have a picture to send you; I'm hoping that won't matter too much, since you don't have a picture on your profile. I saw that you're into science and I thought that was pretty cool. Sciences were my favourite subjects in school, so I guess we have that in common. Do you like children? Not that that's an invitation---I was just curious. If there's anything you want to know about me, feel free to ask. Hopefully I'll talk to you later! :-)

A small smile quirked at Gil's lips. He flexed his fingers a few times and then he wrote a reply.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:18:41): Hello, Vegaslady.
VEGASLADY (21:19:01): Hi :-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:19:30): How are you this evening?
VEGASLADY (21:19:59): Fine, thanks... and you?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:20:40): I'm doing well... I'm a little bored, though. The night's been slow.
VEGASLADY (21:21:34): Are you at work?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:22:03): I am. I work nights.
VEGASLADY (21:22:57): I like the night here. Cooler than the days.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:23:43): Yes... that's true. I like going to the desert at night---to look at the stars.
VEGASLADY (21:24:31): The only place to look at the stars in Vegas. ;-P
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:25:04): Very true.
VEGASLADY (21:27:32): Do you go to the desert a lot?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:29:15): Not as much as I used to. It's hard when I work at nights.
VEGASLADY (21:30:00): That's understandable.
VEGASLADY (21:33:45): Do you have someone to share the nights off with?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:34:17): Not as much as I'd like to.
VEGASLADY (21:34:58): That's too bad... you seem like a nice guy.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (21:36:46): I try to be.
VEGASLADY (21:37:18): Trying counts for a lot.

Gil smiled more and then he wrote a reply, before asking questions about his mystery woman. He found out that she had a daughter and that she loved rock music. After they discussed music preferences---her rock versus his classical music---he asked her about books and found that she didn't like the trendy forensic mystery books that had taken over the market. He was also pleased that she didn't enjoy romance novels as much as he assumed women did. They talked about biographies they had both read and then Gil was about to ask her about her other hobbies, when Brass came into the office.

He quickly pounded out a reply and closed his laptop. By the look on his colleague's face, he could see that the night wasn't going to be boring for long.


QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:01:20): I'm sorry, I have to go. May we continue this later?
VEGASLADY (22:02:01): Of course! E-mail me any time. If I'm online, we can chat :-) Be warned, though, I share my home computer with my daughter.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:02:34): I'm a patient man. Don't worry about it. Some things are worth waiting for.
VEGASLADY (22:03:04): :-) Cool. Talk to you later, then.

Catherine smiled as she signed out of her chat program and then she closed her laptop. She picked up the forensics journals that were on her desk and she found herself sorting them by date and putting them on her nearby shelf---anything to keep herself busy.

Setting up an account on a dating site had been an interesting idea, she realised as she tidied her office; the man she had been talking with was considerate and interesting and he liked to ask questions more than he liked to talk about himself. Even if nothing physical and/or intimate came from their conversation, she would still have someone to talk to from time to time---and that wasn't a bad thing.

After she was satisfied with the way her small office looked, she picked up her coffee mug and walked into the hall. She went to the break room, where Warrick was reading the newspaper; he looked up and smiled at her.

"Hey, Warrick," she murmured, squeezing his shoulder as she walked past him to the coffee machine.

"How's your night going?" he asked.

"Slow," she muttered. "You'd think in Vegas... someone would do something."

He chuckled quietly and turned the page in his paper. "You are jinxing the hell out of us right now, Cath, you know that?"

She smiled as she sat down across from him. "Yeah... sorry about that," she murmured, looking at him.

"I'll forgive you," he said quietly, a smirk teasing his lips.

Catherine laughed softly and then sipped her coffee. Warrick returned to reading his newspaper for a few minutes, but then, he looked up and asked her how Lindsey was doing. She smiled and shrugged. "Fine... she doesn't like me much, but I guess I'm used to that," she replied. She shrugged again. "You should come by and visit her sometime, Warrick. She'd like that."

He smiled. "I'd like that, too," he replied. "Thanks."

She smiled again and nodded, before her cellular phone rang.

"Jinxed," Warrick commented quietly as she picked up the phone, from her belt, and opened it.


"Hello, my dear," Gil replied. "What are you doing?"

"Having coffee with Warrick in the break room," she replied. "Where are you?"

"On my way towards the parking lot," he told her. "Would you and Warrick like to go on a case?"

She smiled. "Hang on, I'll check," she said, before pulling the phone away from her ear. "Warrick, would you like to go work on a case?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"'Sure. Why not?'" Catherine quoted into the phone. "We'll meet you outside in five minutes."

"Okay," he agreed. "Don't forget your all-weather gear."

She laughed as she closed the phone. Warrick stood up and folded his newspaper before putting it in the recycling bin. "I knew it would be too much to hope for to finish my paper," he said quietly. He pulled a set of keys out of his jeans' pocket. "You goin' ahead with Gris?"

Catherine shook her head. "I think I'll ride with you," she told him.

"Trouble in paradise?"

She snorted. "There's no paradise, Warrick. We're friends... and sometimes we... keep ourselves busy. And he's dating other people and I'm dating other people---"

"Grissom's dating other people?" Warrick asked, sounding surprised.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied. "He doesn't tell me about that stuff... we just decided to be friends. That's all."

"That's all," he said, before snorting softly. "Right. Okay. And I'm... what? Married?"

Catherine smiled and playfully punched his shoulder. "Oh, shut up," she muttered. "Are you driving me to the scene or not?"

"As long as you don't mess with the radio," he bargained.

She grinned. "I have no problem with that," she told him. "I like your music."

"You do?" he asked as they left the break room, side by side, to make their way to the locker room to gather their things up. "I didn't know that, did I?"

She brushed her hands through her hair before tying it up with an elastic she kept on her wrist. "I don't know," she replied, "but I do like it. Not all the time... but sometimes, it's just right."

"At the dance clubs? While you're shaking your---"

"I don't go to those kinds of clubs," she interrupted, poking his arm before she opened her locker. "And when I was a dancer, I preferred low and dirty rock. Something about bass guitars and drums that get me all revved up."

Warrick smirked, his blue eyes darker than normal. "The bass and drums in my music gets the ladies just as revved up," he told her. "Maybe you should try it sometime. We'll go out dancing... have a few drinks..."

"You want to see if you can rev me up?" she asked teasingly.

He chuckled. "I already know I can," he murmured in a rough voice. "I want you to admit my music's just as sexy as your music."

"Well, we'll have to see about that," she murmured back, grinning at him as she shrugged into a warm top and found her all-weather gear. "Let's go, okay?"

"A'right," he agreed, grabbing his bag and following her out of the locker room.


After finishing the interview with the Durbins, Catherine finished her paperwork and went home. Gil was with Brass, having a drink off the clock; she would have stayed, but since her review with Gil, she didn't stay longer than she had to at the lab. When she got home, her mother was reading a book and Lindsey was finishing her homework.

"Hey, baby," she said as she walked into the kitchen and saw her daughter, "how's it going?"

"Fine," Lindsey mumbled glumly. "I hate math."

Catherine poured herself a glass of wine and then she sat down at the table with the young blonde. "It wasn't my best subject, either," Catherine admitted. "Want some help?"

"Sure," the girl murmured. "Thanks."

After gently touching her daughter's shoulder, Catherine settled down and started to explain the fundamentals of the problem Lindsey was determined to tackle. It took a little while, but the young girl finally started to get it; an hour later, her math questions were finished correctly and her homework was packed into her book bag.

"Are you going to watch television now?" Catherine asked as Lindsey pushed away from the table.

"I'm gonna call Cynthia," she replied.

"Okay," Catherine said, "Forty minutes and then bed, alright? I'm going to check my e-mail."

"Oh... okay. Don't quit Kazaa, please?"

Catherine blinked and the furrowed her brow. "I'm not even sure I know what that means," she replied.

"It's a program," Lindsey explained. "I'm downloading music."

"Oh." Lindsey put her book bag by the back door and then she moved towards the door. Catherine smiled a bit and cleared her throat. "Speaking of music... Warrick says hi."

"Speaking of music?"

Catherine blushed and chuckled. "He and I were listening to music today," she explained. "And he wanted me to tell you that he said 'hi.'"

Lindsey smiled. "Cool. Tell him I say hi back, okay?"

"Will do," Catherine promised, before the blonde girl left the kitchen.

Catherine chuckled to herself and went to the fridge to get the bottle of chardonnay she had opened earlier. She poured herself another glass and then she took the bottle with her to the study, where the family computer was kept. She turned it on and opened up the messaging program she used.

When her account signed in, she saw that Quietobserver51 was already signed in. She smiled and sipped her wine, before typing a quick message to the mystery man.

VEGASLADY (22:40:32): Hey, Quietobserver. Another slow night at work?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:41:05): Pretty much... just finishing some paperwork before I go home for the night.
VEGASLADY (22:41:57): Sounds like a lot of fun.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:42:31): Oh, it's not. What are you up to tonight?
VEGASLADY (22:43:29): Math homework's all finished... my daughter's taken over the phone line, while I've taken over the computer and a half-finished bottle of wine. We're a real twenty-first century family, haha.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:44:02): Sounds about right... how's the wine?
VEGASLADY (22:44:44): Crisp and clean... with a light vanilla aroma over the flavour of citrus.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:45:13): Ah... a nice chardonnay.
VEGASLADY (22:45:59): Got it in one, QO. Are you a wine fan?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:47:47): Sometimes. Depends on who I'm sharing it with.
VEGASLADY (22:48:11): I know what you mean...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:48:30): Do you?
VEGASLADY (22:49:00): I think I do, anyway. You share lots of wine with women around here?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:49:58): Not so much... I'm not really a player. I mean, I notice beautiful women, but I'd rather have a close relationship instead of multiple casual relationships.
VEGASLADY (22:51:01): You like to commit.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:51:07): I do.
VEGASLADY (22:51:34): Don't you find it hard to do?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:52:21): Not really... relationships have their own set of problems... but I think it's better to share things with just one person.
VEGASLADY (22:52:59): You tell all the girls online that?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:53:15): Honestly... I don't meet people on here too often.
VEGASLADY (22:53:40): You're not secretly talking to a 20-something while you're talking with me?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:53:58): God, no. What on earth would I have in common with a 20 year old? I'm an old fogie.
VEGASLADY (22:54:21): Some girls like older men...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:54:53): Well, I'm not one of those men that likes younger girls. Does that surprise you?
VEGASLADY (22:55:07): Kind of... yeah.
VEGASLADY (22:55:27): But not disappointed.

She felt her cheeks flush as she leaned back in the chair. She sipped her wine and silently scolded herself for what she thought was rather flirtatious internet behavior. The past two days had been hormonally-charged for her. She flirted with Warrick until they almost kissed; she caught herself thinking about sex more and more; she was hoping to engage in more recreational conversation with this mystery man. She knew it was PMS-related, but she also knew it was driving her to distraction.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:57:03): I'm glad I haven't disappointed you.
VEGASLADY (22:57:40): Have I disappointed you?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:57:59): No... definitely not.
VEGASLADY (22:58:20): A woman likes to hear that.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (22:58:57): You seem like a well-rounded, worldly woman... any man would be lucky to converse with you. And I've realised that.
VEGASLADY (22:59:17): Sweet talker. ;-P
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:00:42): I've been told I'm pretty bad with words, actually.
VEGASLADY (23:01:01): You don't seem that way to me? Who said that... your last girlfriend?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:01:42): A few people have told me that... but, yes, a girlfriend told me that I'm not good with people... a few times, actually.
VEGASLADY (23:02:00): Well, I can't believe that...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:02:32): Maybe it's different when someone's writing, opposed to when he or she is talking.
VEGASLADY (23:02:59): Hrmmm... that's an interesting theory. There might be something to that.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:03:40): I like to think there is.
VEGASLADY (23:03:58): Well, let's go with that, then?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:04:12): Sounds like a good idea to me :-)
VEGASLADY (23:04:46): Haha -- you've never used one of those faces before.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:05:37): I haven't?
VEGASLADY (23:05:49): Nope.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:06:17): Oh. Well... I guess I've never had a reason to before. Some of these are pretty silly. Why would I want to put an angel smiley face in my message?
VEGASLADY (23:06:51): Because you did something wrong and you're trying to convince someone that you're really not guilty?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:07:12): Oh.
VEGASLADY (23:07:47): Haha.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:08:09): Why would I use the crossed-out lips smiley?
VEGASLADY (23:08:30): You're keeping a secret?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:08:59): Why would I use the kissy-face smiley?
VEGASLADY (23:09:31): Were you born yesterday or something?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:09:51): Oh.
VEGASLADY (23:10:09): Yeah.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:10:49): Whoops. People do that on here?
VEGASLADY (23:11:20): I guess so... it's kind of like phone sex, I guess.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:11:58): Interesting.
VEGASLADY (23:12:01): LOL.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:14:10): LOL?
VEGASLADY (23:14:40): Laughing out loud.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:15:03): Oh.

Catherine chuckled after swallowing a small sip of her wine. She thought, based on her daughter's assessment of her computer skills, that she was completely techno-speak illiterate---but it seemed that there was someone who knew less about the online lingo than she did.

She poured another bit of wine into her glass and then she leaned forward and resumed their conversation.

They talked about a few other things, before Quietobserver started asking questions about what other people did with their time online. Catherine felt her cheeks heating up as they typed back and forth. She found herself wondering about the man she was talking about---what he looked like, what he was wearing... if he was interested in engaging in something more intimate than casual conversation.

After gulping down a few mouthfuls of wine and shaking her head, she set her fingers down onto the keyboard.

But, when she looked at the screen, she saw that her mystery man had beaten her to the punch.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:42:23): So... what are you wearing?

Her hands slipped back a bit as she stared at the question; then, she looked down at her clothes. She frowned and wondered what he would prefer her to be wearing.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:48:01): Still there?
VEGASLADY (23:49:15): Hi. Sorry. Yes... I'm still here.
VEGASLADY (23:49:36): I'm wearing a pair of grey pants and a pink t-shirt.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:50:02): Anything else... or is that it?
VEGASLADY (23:50:41): I'm not going smokeless... LOL.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:51:05): Well, what are you wearing underneath your grey pants and pink shirt?
VEGASLADY (23:51:34): A black thong and a nude bra. Not incredibly sexy colours. Sorry.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:51:57): You have nothing to apologise for.
VEGASLADY (23:52:06): Oh... thank you.
VEGASLADY (23:52:30): What are you wearing?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:52:59): A dark polo shirt and dark slacks.
VEGASLADY (23:53:11): Anything underneath? ;-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:53:48): A pair of dark boxers.
VEGASLADY (23:54:03): Mmm. Nice.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:54:20): Thank you.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:54:53): I'm glad you think so.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:55:49): Would you like to take something off?
VEGASLADY (23:57:07): Are you proposing... trying this online thing?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:57:25): I have to admit, I am intrigued by all of this.
VEGASLADY (23:57:51): Me, too :-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (23:58:40): So... are you going to get undressed?

Catherine left the desk and walked over to the door. After closing and locking it, she made sure the blinds were drawn shut, and then she returned to the computer. She sat down and started to type again.

VEGASLADY (23:59:59): I'll take my shirt off if you take yours off.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:00:32): That's a proposition I can get behind.
VEGASLADY (00:01:02): Glad to hear it.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:01:13): Now?
VEGASLADY (00:01:26): Both of us. Now. :-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:02:56): Okay. Done.
VEGASLADY (00:03:16): Me, too.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:03:40): This feels a little weird.
VEGASLADY (00:03:58): LOL -- I know.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:04:10): At least you're not at work...
VEGASLADY (00:04:40): Oh... we didn't have to do this now... I mean... if you'd rather wait until you got home...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:05:12): No... everyone on my staff has gone home. I stayed late. I won't be interrupted.
VEGASLADY (00:05:34): Oh. Okay. If you're sure...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:05:59): I am. As long as you're game.
VEGASLADY (00:06:18): Don't worry... I'm game. ;-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:06:41): Would you mind... taking your bra off for me?
VEGASLADY (00:07:02): I suppose I could do that for you ;-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:07:15): Excellent...
VEGASLADY (00:07:57): There. Done.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:08:21): I wish I could see your breasts.
VEGASLADY (00:08:49): I'd take a picture of them if I a) knew how to work the webcam and b) didn't mind a picture of my rack floating around cyberspace.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:09:11): Perfectly understandable. Describe them for me?
VEGASLADY (00:09:47): Well... they're not too big. They fit in my hands. My nipples get hard when I do that... like right now, I'm cupping my right breast with my left hand... and I can feel my nipple hardening.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:10:14): Nice...
VEGASLADY (00:10:43): Mm... it feels good.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:11:07): Good below the waist?
VEGASLADY (00:11:38): Very good down there...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:11:45): Really?
VEGASLADY (00:12:01): Yeah... really.
VEGASLADY (00:12:15): Are you enjoying this?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:12:41): I am. This is pretty different.
VEGASLADY (00:12:59): Haha-- it is.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:13:16): Do you know... how this works?
VEGASLADY (00:13:40): I'm guessing it's a bit like Simon Says. Tit for tat.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:13:59): So now... it's time for tat?
VEGASLADY (00:14:13): ;-) How about it?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:14:31): Well, I don't have breasts to play with...
VEGASLADY (00:14:59): ...thank goodness for that.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:15:02): LOL.
VEGASLADY (00:15:17): Very nice use of the technical jargon.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:15:29): I'm a quick learner.
VEGASLADY (00:15:46): Me, too.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:16:40): Anything in particular you'd like me to do?
VEGASLADY (00:17:21): Hrm... a man at my disposal... what to do, what to do...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:17:39): Scared of you...
VEGASLADY (00:17:57): Hahaha... sorry. How about... put your hand on your chest, rub it slowly, up and down, before rubbing your stomach and beyond?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:18:18): Feels good. I'm getting aroused.
VEGASLADY (00:18:52): That's the plan, Stan.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:19:10): My name's not Stan.
VEGASLADY (00:19:34): LOL. How are we ever going to get to the good stuff if we keep picking on each other?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:19:57): I can multitask... can you?
VEGASLADY (00:20:11): I think I'll manage ;-)
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:20:36): Good. Do you still have some wine left?
VEGASLADY (00:20:48): I do.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:21:21): Why don't you dip your finger in the glass and bring it to one of your nipples? Make slow circles when you spread the wine over your skin... tease yourself. Then, do the same to the other nipple.
VEGASLADY (00:21:25): Mmmmkay.

Catherine shivered as she followed Quietobersver's directions. The wine chilled her skin and warmed her blood at the same time; she pressed her lips together as a moan threatened to slip from her throat.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:24:01): How does that feel?

She saw the question pop up on her computer's screen and she smirked. She put one hand on the keyboard and typed a reply, while her other hand teased her breasts.

VEGASLADY (00:24:20): Very good
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:24:39): I'm glad to hear it.
VEGASLADY (00:25:01): I'm very turned on...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:25:22): I think that's supposed to be what we're aiming for here.
VEGASLADY (00:25:38): If we were together, what would you want me to do for you?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:25:51): Stretch out on my bed... while I explore all of you
VEGASLADY (00:26:03): That's it?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:28:07): I like satisfying my curiosities... finding out what makes people tick. Having a beautiful woman like you in bed with me would deserve an exploration or two. I'd want to find all of your hot spots.
VEGASLADY (00:28:56): Mmm... it's not often one finds such a generous man in Las Vegas. You're a rare gem.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:29:31): Not many people know that.
VEGASLADY (00:29:49): I'm glad I do. Although I'm not so sure that I'm a beautiful woman.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:30:33): You seem beautiful. And beauty, my dear, is in the eye of the beholder.
VEGASLADY (00:30:58): Thank you.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:31:12): You're welcome.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:31:40): So... after I kissed and licked and ruthlessly exploited all of your hot spots... what would you want to do next?
VEGASLADY (00:31:56): I'm pretty sure I'd be ready for more.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:32:21): What's your favourite position?
VEGASLADY (00:33:02): I love being on top. But, I can be seduced into just about any position.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (00:33:19): Oh really? That sounds promising...
VEGASLADY (00:33:48): You have no idea ;-)


As Vegaslady typed to him, telling him what she would like to do to him if they were alone and together, Gil groaned and squeezed his hand around his erection. He could feel blood pulsing under the engorged flesh, as well as through his veins and into his head; his pulse roared between his ears and he could barely hear anything outside of his office.

VEGASLADY (01:02:51): And then, I'd squeeze the base of your cock... while swirling my tongue around the head. I'd wiggle the tip of my tongue against the slit there until you moaned. My other hand would gently play with your balls.

He groaned under his breath as he pumped his closed hand up and down around the hard shaft. He stared at the words that flashed across his screen and he reached out with his free hand to shakily type out a reply.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (01:05:22): Oh... god. So close.
VEGASLADY (01:06:03): I'm glad to hear that... I wish my mouth was on you now. I'd want to see how much of you I could take into my mouth, how deep you could get...
QUIETOBSERVER51 (01:06:51): Oh god.
VEGASLADY (01:07:20): If I could bury my face in your abdomen... swallowing around you... before sliding up and down...

Gil squeezed his hand as he pumped it harder. He tried to type a warning into the small window, but before he could type out the first word, he felt his groin tighten. He ejaculated with a soft cry, spurting semen over his hand as the cry faded in the quiet office.

QUIETOBSERVER51 (01:11:47): Man... that was... great.
VEGASLADY (01:12:03): You got your rocks off?
QUIETOBSERVER51 (01:12:34): That's one way to put it. Thank you.
VEGASLADY (01:12:49): You're welcome. I enjoyed returning the favour.
QUIETOBSERVER51 (01:13:06): I enjoyed it, too.
VEGASLADY (01:13:09): LOL.

He smiled and as they finished their conversation for the night, he cleaned himself up and put his clothes back on. It had been risky, undressing like that in his office; however, he enjoyed the experience of chatting with Vegaslady and exploring the seedier side of the internet.

After signing off, he picked up his cell phone and called Catherine's number. He knew it was late, but he hoped she was still up.

"Hello?" she answered, her voice quiet.

"Hi, Catherine," he said in a similarly quiet voice. "How are you?"

"I'm... I'm okay," she replied. "You're still at work?"

"Yeah," he mumbled, sounding a little guilty. "I'm trying to leave."

"Well, why don't you come over?" she suggested. "I'm still up. We can drink beer and hang out... or something."

"Or something," he echoed, a smirk playing upon his lips as he found his coat and briefcase.

Catherine laughed softly in his ear. "I'll leave the door unlocked," she told him. "Come over, okay?"

"Yeah," he agreed.

The End!
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