Platypus 33: Rocking the Cradle

Gil looked at her. “Cath, that was a good secret,” she smiled, glancing at O’Riley, who was sitting in his car, on the phone. “Have any others for me?”

She shook her head. “Nope. The girls only told me that one.”

He reached up and brushed her cheek gently. She sighed before she could control herself, closing her eyes and gently pushing into his touch. After a couple seconds of mentally yelling at herself, she popped her blue eyes open and leaned away. “We’ve got to be more careful, Gil.”

“That wasn’t a good secret.”

Catherine rolled her eyes. “Gil...”

“C’mon, just one.”

She raised an eyebrow and rocked back onto her heels. Then, she smirked and whispered in his ear: “I’m wearing your favorite underwear.”

“Cath, I hope—” he stopped as the words’ full meaning sunk in. “You mean the red ones?” She nodded. “With the little jewels?” His eyes narrowed. “That was an evil secret.”

Catherine laughed as O’Riley hung up his phone. “But, it was better than the first one.”

Before the detective returned, Gil barely managed to utter: “I will get you back.”


Catherine looked over at Gil. “You know, speaking of Greg, and mineral oil...” When Gil groaned, after turned the key in his Tahoe, she turned to face him. “What?”

He glanced at her between turns of the wheel. “No sentence that puts Greg and mineral oil together will end properly.”

She smirked. “We never did get to use that lotion you bought me.”

“How did Greg and mineral oil create such a lovely comment?”

She watched him drive to Ruth Elliot’s home, while she made the connection for him. “Rubbing it onto bodies... remember when he said that?”

“Ahh, okay,” he glanced over at her while he drove. “So, you thought you’d mention that now, since we’re on the job, just to drive me crazy?”

Catherine grinned. “Yep.”


Gil met Catherine at the end of their shift in his office. She was standing, leaning against his desk; her arms were crossed and she was frowning. He shut the door and walked up behind her, putting his arms around her.

He nuzzled her neck. “How are you holding up?”

She sighed. “I’m okay. Been better. I want to go home, and hold Lindsey, but she’s not home...”

“At Eddie’s?”


He kissed her nape of her neck. “Want to go visit her?”

Catherine shook her head. “No, I don’t think it will do her any good to see her parents fighting.” She turned her head to look at him. “Want to take me home?”

“How about you come back to my place? I’ll cook.”

She smiled, making him tingle all over. “How about you come to my place? I’ll still let you cook.” When Gil asked why she didn’t want to go to his place, she turned all the way around. “I feel like sleeping in my bed.”

He nodded and kissed her chastely on the lips. “I’ll stop in at my place, and pick up some food, and I’ll be back to whip up a culinary miracle.”

Catherine put a finger to her lips once. “You can kiss better than that.”

Gil chuckled and tightened his grip on her, letting his lips land soundly on hers. His hands slipped down to her hips, pressing her into his body while their mouths parted; she sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck as she swayed into him. He smiled and knew that both of them would be alright, as long as they had each other.

When the knocking at the door penetrated their realm, Catherine jumped back, chest heaving for much-needed oxygen. Gil wiped a hand over his face, and called out: “Be right there!”

“Okay,” Sara said from the other side of the door, as Catherine slumped into a chair and crossed her legs. As Gil opened the door, the blonde picked up a folder and pretended to read. Sara faced Gil with a small smile. “You heading out soon?”

“Actually, Catherine and I just have some paperwork to go over before I leave.” He saw Sara’s smile change, and wondered where that had come from; however, he didn’t give it too much thought. “Was there something you wanted?”

She shrugged. “No, it’s not important. I thought that if you were going home, I’d ask if you could give me a lift, but since you’re going to stick around, I’ll just get Warrick or Nick to drive me.”

“Okay,” he nodded. “Thanks.”

Sara turned and left. He shut the door again and locked it, not wanting to be disturbed again. Catherine looked over her shoulder and sighed. “We’ve really got to be more careful.”

“Yeah,” he said, tousling her hair as he walked past her on the way to his desk. “I’m sorry about that.”

“You weren’t the only one doing the kissing, Gil.”

He smiled. “I’m glad for that.”

She checked her watch. “Can we head out?”


“Well, between tasting your culinary miracle, and tasting sweet raspberry lotion on your skin, I really can’t wait.”

Gil’s chuckle was drowned out by a groan. He knew that look in Catherine’s eyes; she was very hungry, and she expected him to feed her.


Catherine put her fork down and smiled. “That was perfect.”

He smiled back at her. She knew that as long as he continued to look at her that way, she’d make it through anything; he warmed her heart and made her breath catch in her lungs. Gil reached across the table and brushed his thumb across her lower lip while cupping her face. “Tiny crumb.”

“Oh,” she shrugged, still grinning. She lifted a hand across the table and brushed her thumb over his lower lip. When he raised an eyebrow, as if asking what she was doing. She replied: “Just wanted to.”

“C’m’ere,” Gil demanded, while pulling her into his lap rather smoothly considering he was across the table from her. She landed softly, wrapping an arm around his neck while her free hand sought one of his. “Much better.”

“Mmhmm,” Catherine managed to agree, while pressing her lips to his. The hand she wasn’t holding onto slid up her back and tangled itself in her hair. After a couple minutes of kissing, Gil’s hand tugged gently, tilting Catherine’s head back and exposing her neck to his travels. She shivered as his lips tormented her, sucking and nipping in all the right spots. “God, Gil...”

He chuckled; the vibrations against her throat made her stomach tighten. She gripped his hand and let him continue feasting.

Eventually, she was able to prevent the mists around her from overpowering her. “Gil, wait a second...”

“Cath, you know how impatient I am when it comes to making love with you,” the knot in her stomach tightened even more as he spoke near her ear. She wanted to tell all of those people who thought he was unemotional and not passionate that they were very, very wrong. The way those words rolled out of his mouth made her entire body tremble. The way he nipped at her earlobe made her moan softly. She pulled back a bit and looked at him. He pouted. “This had better be good.”

She kissed his forehead before getting out of his lap. “It will be. I’ll be right back.”

As quickly as she could, she walked from the room. When she was down in her bedroom, she quickly shed all of her clothing, and reached for the locket and chain Gil had given her. Then, she slipped the promise ring onto her finger, and reached for the bottle of lotion that was still sitting in the gift box it had come in.

When she entered the kitchen and knocked on the door frame, Gil whirled around and his eyes widened, before he swallowed and smiled. “You like?” She spun around slowly for effect.

He nodded. “Very much. That necklace’ll have to come off though.”


He nodded again. “Not only will it get covered in lotion, but it’s obstructing my view.”

Catherine laughed and curled a finger, beckoning him towards her. He got up, and followed her part way down the hall, but when she hesitated in the living room, he pulled her in. “Gil... this isn’t a bedroom.”

He smiled. “I know, but when do we get to be completely free in the living room?”

“Good point, but I hope you’re going to rub cream on my carpet burns when we’re done,” she smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck as his arms circled her waist.

“Won’t that just cause more—”

“We can do *that* in the bedroom,” she smiled sweetly, pulling his head towards her for a passionate kiss.


Gil sighed as Catherine rubbed the scented cream over his chest. His skin tingled, and an external warmth only heated his system up even more. Catherine’s hands weren’t helping.

She bent her head when the lotion was rubbed in, and licked a long trail upwards. He moaned softly; she chuckled and then latched her mouth onto one of his nipples. He briefly wondered if he tasted as good to her as she did to him, but the thought was shattered as she bit down lightly and flicked her tongue over the flesh she captured. His back arched, pressing his chest into her; she didn’t let his movements faze her, and she moved onto the other nipple.


“I’m experimenting, Gil,” she said, looking up. She ducked her head and blew softly on his skin. The warmth returned, blazing across his chest.

“I’m going crazy.”

She chuckled after blowing across his stomach. “You’re supposed to.”

“If I’m going to go crazy,” he tried to reason with her, but he knew that during these moments, she could be very unreasonable. “I’d like to do it inside you.”

“Mmmm,” she purred, alternating between blowing and sucking across the bottom of his ribcage. “You’re so poetic.”

“You bring it out in me.”

She laughed. That’s when Gil saw his window of opportunity. He rolled, sending Catherine onto the floor; surprised, she looked up at him. Then, he took it even further; he lifted Catherine up into his arms and carried her off into the bedroom.

“Gil!! I wasn’t done.”

“I would’ve been,” he said, before depositing her onto the bed. She giggled and reached for him. He didn’t deny her, pausing to kiss his way up her body, before sliding into her warmth. One of her hands had been at his jaw, but it slid down to rest on his shoulder. Her other hand was resting on his lower back, kneading his muscles, pushing him into her.

Being with her, Gil reasoned, should have been losing some of its luster; however, every time they had a moment together, it was just as amazing as it had always been. There wasn’t as many new things to discover, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Catherine’s eyelids fluttered, so Gil put a hand on her cheek, as if helping her focus. It worked. He watched her cheeks flush while she bit her lip. She cursed once, softly. Gil smiled, and managed to trail his hand from her face, to between them; when he brushed across her tiny bundle of nerves, she yelped and cursed louder.

“That’s better,” Gil said before kissing her. Catherine arched her back and still maintained the kiss. When she reached the edge, Gil tried to hold back, but he couldn’t. He exploded before she did; Catherine joined him shortly after as they rocked together through the last couple of waves.

Gil was about to roll to his side, but Catherine stopped him. “Rest just for a minute.”

He had other ideas, though. “Give me one minute, and then I’ll be back to squish you.”

“You weren’t—” But, Gil couldn’t hear the rest; he was already out of the door. He rushed back to the living room, picked up her necklace, and headed back to the bedroom. “That was quick,” she smiled upon his return. He held the necklace up as he neared her. “You want me to wear it?”

He nodded. “I want to watch you wear it...”

She blushed and smiled. He hoped she understood. He wanted to watch it rest between her breasts, as it moved up and down in time with her breathing, connected to her heart’s rhythm. There was something peaceful and reassuring in that.

Catherine leaned forward and let him fasten the clasp behind her neck. Then, she settled down in the pillows while he reclined next to her.

“I love you,” he said, taking his hand in hers. She leaned over and kissed him in reply, and then she leaned back against the pillows. They lay there, comfortably watching each other.

She yawned. Gil adjusted his position and pulled the blankets up over them. She tucked into his body, and he wrapped himself around her. Sleep hit them both quickly, sweet dreams filling their heads.

The End!

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