Platypus 25: Dress Rehearsal

Catherine was walking towards Gil’s office, in hopes of seeing him before he left for his trip. He hadn’t said much about the trip, but she knew he was excited; she also knew that they’d be apart for days, and she’d miss him. They still hadn’t finished their talk they had started after the last Melissa Marlot case, and she had been hoping that they could wrap things up, and still have time to promise to call each other at least once during their respective trips.

She turned the corner by his office, and nearly ran into him. He was gingerly holding a container of what appeared to be cockroaches. “Whoa, careful: livestock.” He held up the container; she could see the excitement brewing in his eyes. “Hissing roaches from Madagascar.”

“Sorry,” she responded.

“These babies run two and a half miles an hour.”

“I don’t doubt that for a minute,” she responded, not really looking to get into a lecture on cockroaches. She didn’t like bugs; however, because Gil was so fond of them, she’d accept them as a part of her life.

Before he pushed the door to his office open, he explained: “Fifth annual entomological convention in Duluth. Cockroach racing finals.”

Catherine followed him in; she didn’t remember him saying anything about cockroach racing. She thought he was giving a seminar on something. “You’re roach racing?”

“Actually,” he answered, “I’m giving a tutorial in preserving mass crime scenes. The sideshow is racing these guys.”

“Ah,” she felt better knowing she wasn’t that forgetful.

“I mean,” Gil sounded like a child at Christmas; he was really looking forward to this trip. “To have a chance to run against legendary roaches like Cocky Balboa, the Drain Lover, Priscilla Queen of the Gutters... it’s huge.”

She asked another question, trying to seem more interested and supportive: “What do you feed those guys?”

“Dog food.”

“And who’s supervising night shift?”

“You are.”

She suddenly didn’t feel so bad for forgetting about his cockroach racing plans. She knew that they hadn’t seen too much of each other lately, but she thought he’d be able to remember something as simple as a little trip.

“Me?” She asked. “I am on the red-eye to Reno. The Braun Family is opening a new casino. I’m Sam’s date.”

She saw the lights flicker and fade in his eyes. “That’s tonight.”

She nodded. “I told you once, memo’d you twice.”

Gil continued to focus on his roaches. Catherine sighed. They really hadn’t been spending too much time together lately, she realized. She watched him, wondering if she should say something about the talk they hadn’t had yet.

“Man, these guys are primed.”

She decided against it, not wanting to ruin his good mood. She headed out the door, but paused to remind him: “Better get somebody.”


When she was four feet away from the door, she heard him call back for her. She smiled, and came back into the room. “Yes?”

“When are you coming back?”

Her smile stretched. “Gonna miss me?”

He set the bugs down and opened his arms, while pushing back from his desk. After shutting the door, she came to him and curled up in his lap. “Of course. Who’s taking Lindsay while you’re gone?”

“Eddie. Sam said I could bring her, but she needs to spend time with her dad. And, I can’t imagine Sam wants to play baby-sitter.” She tucked her face into his neck. “You smell really good.” She pressed her lips to his skin, loving the sensation, as well as his shiver, which was how he reacted every time she kissed that little spot on his neck near his chin. “You taste really good, too.”

He chuckled, and then trailed into a more sober conversation. “If we told everyone about us...” he sighed. “You’d have to move to dayshift.”

“How did you—”

He cut her off. “I did a little research. Employment records. Apparently it’s a policy here. I mean, it makes sense, with evidence and the law and everything.” She pulled back to look at him; his expression was so sad, much different from earlier. “I didn’t think that it would be the best thing for us.”

She shook her head in agreement. “No... we’d never see each other, then.” She kissed him. “Keeping us a secret is still the price I’m willing to pay to be with you.”

“Hasn’t changed?”

She shook her head with a smile. “Never.”

“How much time before you leave?” He grinned, his cheeks blushing. She was glad that the serious topic seemed closed; it had been hanging over their heads since the last time they worked together. Gil asked her if she wanted a relationship she could show off in public, Catherine told him he was being ridiculous, but he hadn’t seemed completely convinced.

Catherine adjusted her position in his lap. “I can be persuaded to stay here a little longer.”

He leaned up and kissed her. With that, she felt her insides liquify; he had never lost his touch, she had never stopped responding to him. “What are you gonna do without me?” He asked, voice light, after running his hand between her thighs and finding an active heat source.

She blushed. “You know what you do to me...” She looked up at him. “Hey, there’s always the phone.”

“But,” he nipped at her neck, “We can’t make love on the phone.”

Catherine grinned. “Of course we can.” When he continued to look at her blankly, she started to talk again: “Don’t tell me you’re that uneducated in sexual endeavors... phone sex, Gil, ever heard of it?”

His pupils dilated. “I’ve never done it... I didn’t think it was an option.”

She reached down and licked his ear. She loved his reaction, feeling his hips flex up towards her. “A phone sex virgin,” she purred. “Can I be your first?”

He turned his head so he could kiss her. “And hopefully my last?”

“I hope so,” she grinned, knowing what he meant and what he was hoping for. They both had the same end in sight, but she knew that they couldn’t afford to rush into anything. “So, should I give you a crash course in phone sex?”

His eyes narrowed, but she could still see disappointment in his face. “You’re not going to leave the room for this, are you?”

She laughed softly, getting up out of his lap to sit on his desk. “No, of course not. This is only a practice run.”

“Okay,” he looked confused. “So, how is this going to work.”

She reached up to pull the top half of her pants suit off. Then, she started working with her shirt. “I’m taking my shirt off.” His eyes bugged out of his head once he caught on. She tossed the material into his lap, causing him to jump. Her hands were placed on her lace-encased breasts. “I’m squeezing my breasts, Gil, imagining that they are your hands...”

His mouth dropped open. “And I am sitting here like a fool.”

Catherine wondered how sometimes Gil could shock her with his sexual prowess, and other times he seemed so embarrassed. “Well,” she suggested. “Stand up.”

He looked confused again, but he obliged her. She took his hands and put them on her breasts. “My hands are on your breasts,” he commented. She nodded and giggled a little. He smiled. “This sounds really silly.”

“I’m just giving you a visual so tonight, when we’re miles apart... you have something to reflect on.” She pushed him on. “Keep going. Please?”

He sighed. “Okay.” He squeezed with one hand, while letting the other slide up to her neck where it massaged her skin gently. “I’m squeezing your left breast, ah, gently, while touching the soft skin on your neck.”

“It feels good,” she said, her eyes shining up at him. He felt her legs wrap around his upper thighs. “I’m pulling you close to me, so I can reach your shirt...” She reached out and started undoing his buttons. “So I can take it off.” He leaned in close and whispered something about licking along her jaw because he loved that tender, hidden part of her that no one else knew about but him. She found herself blushing. “You sure you’ve never done this before?”

He pulled back and smiled. “Quite sure.”

She leaned forward and started kissing his chest. “I’m kissing your chest,” she paused, flicking her tongue over one of his nipples. “Paying special attention to your nipples...” She took it carefully into her teeth, and continued to wrack her tongue over it. Gil moaned and his position wavered. She chuckled.

When she felt his hands fumble with her bra clasp, she grinned. That hook and clasp would always pose a problem for men; some times Gil would get it on his first try, and other times it would take him a little while. “I’m trying to undress you a little more, but your bra is being difficult.” He laughed softly. “At least if and when we do this on the phone, you can play with this thing.”

She smiled and looked up at him. Her hands dropped down to his waist. He groaned when she let a finger slip behind this pants. “Do you want me to take your pants off?”

He looked down at her smiling face. “Yes, please.”

“Oooh,” she smiled. “You’re polite.” Catherine wrapped her finger around the button on his fly, and looked up. “I’m undoing your pants...” She popped it open and tugged on the zipper.

“Hold it,” he stopped her. “No fair. You’re still way too dressed. Ah—” she felt the bra slip away from her back. “—I finally got it.” She straightened up and watched him gaze at her appreciatively. His hungry eyes met hers as he descended, pausing to whisper in her ear: “I’m going to feast...”

Her eyes closed briefly when his mouth made contact with her left breast. He kissed the skin all over, before taking her nipple into his mouth. “Words, Gil...” she tapped him on his back. “Practice makes perfect...”

“I’m licking your nipple,” he murmured between laps. “It tastes good, in case you were wondering.” She sighed and let the sensations take over her. “Let’s see if the other one’s the same...” She watched his head move to the right; she felt his mouth trail across her chest, his tongue lapping at her other nipple. He chuckled. “Yep. Tastes the same.”

Her breathing was irregular. “Your pants need to come off.”

“As long as yours join them on the floor,” he added, lifting his head to kiss her mouth.

She stood up, putting her fingers at her waistband. “On the count of three.”

He chuckled. “One...”

She snapped the hook and loop open and tugged on her zipper.

“Two,” she smiled back at him.


Together, they shrugged out of their shoes and pulled their pants off. He reached for her underwear. “I’m taking these off,” he grinned, crouching down to slip the thin fabric down to her ankles. On his way up, he started showering her thighs with kisses. “Your thighs taste as good as your nipples, Cath.”

She moaned when he went higher. “Good to know.” Before he could say or do anything else, she pulled him up and grabbed his boxers. “I need you inside me.”

He let her push him back into the chair. She put her hands on his shoulders and then positioned herself over him. “I’m slowly easing myself down...” Catherine whispered the last part in his ear: “...onto your big, hard cock.”

Gil jumped, pushing himself into her. “Since when did you use that word?” She tossed her head back and laughed. He chuckled, but started to move against her. His hands slid up her chest, but were lowered to rest at her hips. His mouth nipped at the parts of her it could reach.

When he felt her tensing up, he slid his hand down. She watched the mixed expression cross his face. When he buried his face into her chest, she heard him mutter something, while one of his hands slid between them.

“What did you say?” She used a hand to pull his face up to look at her. He blushed and tried to look away. “Gil....”

“I...” He trailed off when he felt her tighten around him. She smiled, but continued to pester him for the information she wanted. She moved against his hand. He flicked his finger downwards twice causing her to gasp. His cheeks flushed a very deep shade of crimson, as his mouth opened so he could repeat himself: “I’m bringing my hand down to touch your...” If it was possible, his cheeks got even redder. She smiled and nodded, accepting his words. “To touch your...”

She kissed each of his red cheeks once. “Clitoris, Gil. A small bundle of nerves.”

“I know,” he whispered as she kept movement up. “I just....” he gasped when she rotated her hips. “Feel... silly.”

“Gil... it’s called a clitoris. Say it with me.”

“Clit—” she had dropped her head and started sucking on his neck; he groaned in response, cutting his speech off. “—oris.”

“Good,” she smiled, and started rocking harder and faster, briefly considering if Gil’s trustworthy chair would ever break and send them crashing to the ground.

“I’m really close, Gil,” she said while arching her back. She moaned and fell forward.

“Me, too...”

“Just a little more...” She started to babble. The narration between them was gone. Together they worked, increasing their speeds until the inevitable moment when Catherine’s muscles spasmed, pushing Gil over the edge.

She lifted her head and kissed him. “I think that went well.”

“Did I do it right?”

“Oh, baby,” she laughed softly after kissing him. “You always do it right.” She slipped off of him and reached for her clothes. She hated how the moments they had in his office didn’t give them time for cuddling. “I can’t wait until we get to talk on the phone tonight.”

Gil laughed when she tossed him his underwear and pants. “You’re insatiable, you know that?”

She grinned and nodded. “That’s why you love me, right?”

He stood up and kissed her. “One of the many reasons.”

Once they were both dressed, Gil checked his watch. “I should probably go tell Warrick he has the shift tonight.”

“Not going to give it to Sara?”

He shook his head. “I think Warrick deserves a chance.” Catherine nodded, approving his decision. “Shouldn’t you be heading out to pack?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I was on my way to do that, but I got distracted.”

“Don’t look at me that way,” he wagged a finger at her, “It’s not all my fault.”

“I know,” she smiled. Then, she frowned. She really did have to go. “Okay. I’m heading out.” She reached for his hand, kissing his knuckles softly. “I love you. Have a safe, fun trip, and I hope your roaches win.”

“I love you, too. Say hello to Sam for me.”

“I will.”

She slipped out of his grip, and walked to the door. When she opened it, he called back for her. “Make sure your phone’s charged.”

Catherine laughed, and left the room.

The End!

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