Platypus 17: A Day For Dancing

Catherine exited the bathroom, and saw Warrick waiting for her on one of the benches. “Ready to go?”

She nodded. “You didn’t have to wait for me.”

He smiled at her while he stood up. “I wanted to make sure you’re okay.” She smiled back at him, while tucking her purse into her locker. “I’m not blind, Catherine, and I am a CSI.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And what do your eyes and suspicions tell you?”

“That you’re pregnant.”

That answer knocked the wind out of her sails. She sat down, exhaling loudly. “Does the whole world know?”

“Only me.”

She sighed. “Good.”

“Not going to tell Gris?” She lifted her eyes, wide with questions. He chuckled. “I’m not stupid, either. I can put two and two together and get four letters:—” he held his fingers up and counted. “B. A. B. Y.”

She gave up. There was no use hiding it from him, one of her closest friends on the job. “No, I haven’t told him yet.” When Warrick asked why, she shrugged. “I don’t want to say anything until I know for sure how he’s going to react. I don’t think I could handle his... rejection.” She paused, still in thought, and then asked a question of her own: “Sara and Nick and Greg... they have no idea, right?”

“Right,” he answered. “I’m the only one who knows,” he puffed his chest out. “Master CSI in the making.” Catherine giggled, and shoved him gently, before getting up. Warrick followed her lead. “Seriously, though, I think he’d be thrilled.”

She bit her lip before responding. “I don’t know... we’re not exactly in a relationship... we’re supposed to be having fun.”

“Oh, c’mon!” He said before opening the door. “Even I know it’s a relationship. You two just haven’t swapped those three little words yet.”

Catherine bowed her head. “He’s such a hard man to read.”

“Take it from the man that asked him—”

The door opened, and Sara and Nick were waiting on the other side of it. Sara smiled at them. “You two coming? You know how much I like to be there early to glare at Grissom.”

Catherine laughed, but she was wondering what Warrick would’ve said had he not been interrupted. She glanced at him and tried to figure out his expression, but found it unreadable. “Yeah, let’s go.”

Warrick glanced at his watch. “I’m gonna take off. Gotta go see about saving a boy at Juvie.”

They all smiled and waved, wishing him the best with his personal case. As a group they walked into the break room. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Gil sitting there, waiting for them. She smiled. “Well, well. What a switch. You beat us here.”

“It’s evaluation day,” he responded with a piece of information. “Where’s Warrick?”

Catherine answered, wondering how he could be so absent-minded sometimes. “Well, he’s working spill over. Personal thing. Kid he knows is in trouble.”

“Oh,” he remembered. “That’s right. He told me about it. I forgot.”

She grinned. “Well, maybe we should be evaluating you.”

He smiled, his voice dry. “You’re a riot, Alice. You and I are going to work the head case.”

“Goodie,” she was glad he picked her to partner up with. She watched him hand out the next case to Nick, but told Sara to team up with him. She noticed the frustration in the younger man. Sara had gone to change her shoes, and Nick had a bone to pick with their boss.

“Cath,” Gil excused her. “I’ll catch up with you.”

She nodded. “I’ll meet you at the autopsy. Oops, headtopsy.”


When Gil was finished talking with Nick, he headed out of the room to meet up with Catherine. She was waiting outside the door to the examining room. He found himself smiling. She smiled back. “Doc isn’t ready for us yet. He said it’d be about twenty minutes.”

Gil nodded. “Well, let’s go back to my office.”

She turned first; he put a hand on her lower back to guide her, unable to keep his hands off of her. “You know,” she smiled wickedly at him. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to have my own very personal headtopsy once we—”

“You are insatiable.”

“I know,” she responded with a laugh. He pushed the door to his office open, and once they were inside, she shut it and locked it. “Drop ‘em.”

He chuckled. “So much for foreplay.”

She giggled, while wrapping her arms around him to pull him in for a sultry kiss. His mind went completely blank, all his blood rushed south. She pushed against him; he felt his knees buckle. She smirked. “Doesn’t seem like there’s a need for it.”

Gil didn’t exactly know what possessed Catherine, but he wasn’t complaining. She fiddled with his belt and pants, and when he was free from the fabric restraints, she pointed to the sofa. “Might wanna sit down.”

“Uhh, yeah,” he managed, backing into the sofa and sitting down. She seemed to be stalking him, her eyes gleaming with excitement as she kneeled in front of him. He had never seen this side of her before. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nodded eagerly. “Yes, silly. Any time we get together is time well spent, and besides,” she added, “I still owe you.”

“I didn’t do that to create a debt—” he grunted as she licked his entire length upwards.

“I know,” she acknowledged him, before sliding her warm mouth down onto him. He grunted and flexed his hips upwards as she raked her nails over his thighs. Her lips and tongue worked him over, while her fingers made sure that other parts of his body were equally involved. He could feel the pressure mounting; it became a struggle to keep his eyes open, but he somehow managed it.

He could’ve let her bring him to a release, but for some reason, the idea didn’t sit well with him. “Cath!” He cried out, hoping to stop her. She looked up, lifting her mouth from him.


“Get those pants off,” he smirked, after regaining some control on his breathing. “And get up here.”


He rolled his eyes. “It’ll work better this way—for both of us. I want to be inside you. Please.”

She rolled her eyes, mimicking him. “Ohhh, alright. I guess I could.” She slipped out of her shoes and pants and underwear. As she wrapped her arms around his neck, she lowered her body onto him. He kissed her neck as she gasped at the new sensations. His hands weren’t idle; they had been around her back, but he brought them to the front, sliding them under her shirt so he could tease her a little more.

Her voice was a whisper, barely audible, but he could make out her desperate pleas: harder; faster; please, don’t stop; just a little more; kiss me!

He let one of his hands travel between them, so he could give her the release he wanted to. She was twisting her hips, but when he touched her, it was as though she had been shocked. A low growl escaped her swollen lips and she tossed her head back.

The tight muscle contractions he caused in her pushed him over the edge. He cried her name out on a whimper, and then pulled her close. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“I want a shower...” she muttered.

He chuckled. “I could hose you off in one of the empty exam rooms.”

She looked up, shaking her head. “That wouldn’t work. We’d only get hot and bothered again.”

“Good point.” He kissed her once, before she slipped out of his grip to put her clothes back on. “You know,” he remarked out loud. “You’re just as sexy when you get dressed.”

“As opposed to?”

“Undressing,” he blushed a little, while he put his pants back on.

She smiled and neared him again for a sweet kiss. “Thank you.” She reached for a tissue from his desk, and blotted her face, before tossing it into his trash can.

“Cath?” He knew what he wanted to do; he started walking towards his back shelf. It was time to give the present to her, now or never.

“Gil?” She smiled back at him, watching his every move. He had the box in his hand, but his pager sounded and he dropped it without thinking. Fear had taken over his emotional centre. “Is it Doctor Robbins?”

He frowned. “Yeah.”

“What were you going to say earlier?” When he didn’t answer right away, she asked another question: “It can wait until later?”

He was already moving towards the door. “Of course.”


“Meet Victor DeSilva.”

Catherine watched Gil’s face, trying to see if she could guess what he was going to say earlier, but there were no remnants of lust or any other emotion in his eye—he was in CSI-mode. “What did this?”

The doctor replied. “Hard to tell without making a mold.”

“Fatal blow?”

“Looks like it.”

Catherine bent down, fascinated with what she saw. It was grotesque; she hadn’t seen anything like it before. “Man,” she remarked. “Look at those chopping wounds on the jaw bone. Almost look like practice swings.”

Gil shrugged, bending down to look at them. “Could’ve been dark. Bad aim maybe?”

She was amazed. “Definitely a crime of passion.”

He seemed surprised. “You think a female could do this?”

She reflected. “I could’ve.”

His voice was eerie and playful at the same time, making her want to giggle. “Scared of you...”

She met his eyes and smiled. His eyes made her shiver; no matter where they were, he would always be able to affect her with no more than a look.


After work, Catherine came home, looking forward to crawl into bed. It had been a long evening, and her sister had offered to take Lindsay for the night, as long as Catherine took Jeremy to the park the next day.

On her way to her bathroom for a long shower, her home phone rang. “Hello?”

“Yo, Cath,” Warrick replied, sounding a little intoxicated. “What are you up to?”

She smiled. “I just got home. What are you up to?”

“Drinking with Gris.”

She giggled. “Oh yeah? How’s that?”

“Nick and Sara are meeting us here in a little while, why don’t you come down, too?”

She bit her lip, contemplating her options. “What bar?”

“We’re at that little place Gris likes with the jukebox—” he was cut off; Catherine thought she heard Greg in the background. “Greg just got here. He has a date with him.”

Catherine laughed. “Well, give me a few minutes to change, and I’ll be right there.”

She dropped the phone and rushed to change. She was dying to wear a pair of comfortable jeans; however, she wanted to make Gil sweat a little. She donned her leather pants, zip up boots, and a grey top that darkened her eyes. After she put makeup on, she fixed her hair, and checked herself once in her mirror.

Satisfied, she grabbed her coat and her purse, and rushed out the door.


Warrick nudged Gil when Catherine entered the little bar. He looked up, eyes wide as he took her in. Most of the male population did the same when she walked to the group. Nick coughed, Sara slapped his shoulder; Greg glanced once, but turned his attention back to the girl he had brought, Lisa, one of the technicians at the lab.

Gil smiled, and stood up when she neared him. “You made it.”

She nodded, squeezing his hand. “Yep. Wouldn’t miss Warrick getting you intoxicated for the world.”

Warrick laughed. “I’m gonna order another round. What do you want, Cath, juice?”

“Cranberry’d be great. Thanks,” she smiled at him. Gil looked at her, as if asking why she wasn’t ordering her usual. She shrugged as she sat down in the large booth next to him. “I’m driving tonight. Someone has to make sure you get home alright.”

Sara chuckled. “Well, make sure you order Gris a double!”

A slow rock song came on the radio. Greg whispered something in Lisa’s ear, and they moved to the dance floor together. Gil smiled, admiring the luck the young man had. Catherine’s hand moved from his hand, under the table, to his thigh.

“Would you like to dance, Catherine?”

Her eyes darted up. Warrick grinned. She nodded with a smile, slipping out of her coat. Warrick slid out of his seat in the booth, leaving Nick, Sara, and Gil to watch.

Gil felt a small pull of jealousy when Warrick wrapped his arms around her. It subsided when he saw that his hands were polite and platonic. Nick glanced at Gil and smirked, but said nothing. Gil turned his head and kept watching them.

Warrick was whispering something in her ear. At first, Catherine looked puzzled, and then her mouth broke out into a huge smile. He felt his body warm at the sight of the smile. Watching her sway to the music didn’t help the heat.

After a little dancing, their conversation slowed their moves down. Catherine put her hand to her stomach, rubbing it gently; Gil wondered if she was alright. Warrick smiled down at her and watched as she explained something with hand movements. He wished he could hear what they were talking about.

Another minute passed, and then they ended their song early. She walked to Gil, Warrick behind her. She smiled at Sara and Nick, and then turned back to Gil. His heart rate increased as she spoke: “Would you like to dance? I think I tired poor Warrick out.”

Gil took the hand she offered him, wondering what possessed her to make such an offer. He felt nervousness bubble up inside of him as she pulled him to the dance floor.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her body subsequently falling very close to his. “Are you sure you want to be so... close?”

Catherine nodded. “I want to dance with you. In public.”

Her head fell against his chest. He squeezed her to him, his face tucked into her. Since their relationship took on a sexual nature, this was one of the most perfect moments he experienced. “You know stories are going to start up.”

She lifted her eyes to look at him. “Gil, sweetie, we’re dancing. Not making out.” She glanced over at the trio left at the table. They were watching them, but making conversation, too. Warrick waved at her, she waved back. “He told me about your evaluation.”

He chuckled. “Yeah?”

“Not exactly the most conventional.” She shook her head. “Rollercoasters?”

“You know I didn’t base my evaluation on his screaming performance, Cath,” he smiled down at her. “There were other factors—like how he does his job.”

She nodded. “I know. I just thought it was cute.”

“Cute?” He wrinkled his nose. “You think I’m cute?” She nodded again, laughing. She didn’t say anything else, letting her head fall on his chest again. He whispered in her ear. “I like this.”

“Me, too.” She huffed happily, as the song changed. They kept dancing, even though Greg and Lisa returned to the table. “I am driving you home, right?”

He nodded. “As long as we’re going to the same place.”

The End!

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